With over two decades deep in email marketing and niche expertise in email deliverability, my journey has been vast and varied.

From advising budding SaaS startups and prominent online retailers to partnering with Inc. 500 behemoths and global brands, I’ve seen the ebb and flow of email and how dynamic this medium can be. The consistent lesson? The perils of short-term thinking.

In 2015, my expertise bore fruit when the ESP I launched (RedCappi) and operated was successfully acquired.

Today, when I’m not spearheading email deliverability consulting at Engage.Guru (overseeing over 1 Billion emails annually for my clients and driving over $500 million in revenue), I’m growing my footprint into innovative email ventures:

  • EmailMastery.org – a thriving email marketing community boasting over 5,000 dedicated subscribers.
  • The Tonic – an insightful email newsletter enjoyed by a loyal base of 20,000+ readers.
  • Mailberry.ai – the future of email marketing, an AI-driven platform changing the way we create and send engaging emails.

Email deliverability isn’t just about experience; it demands visibility into high-volume channels and a profound understanding of the behind-the-scenes mechanics of email.

Having witnessed firsthand the pitfalls of hastily-constructed strategies, I champion the power of patience and methodical planning.

I’ve always been outcome-focused, believing that expertise isn’t measured by hours (and hourly rates) but by tangible results.

In a realm as dynamic as email, laying the right foundational strategies, built from the top-down, is far more impactful than any short-lived bandaid solution.

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Alec Beglarian

Alec Beglarian