Detailed Email Marketing Audit

Get insight into what's working & what's not

Detailed Email Audit

Starting at:
  • Detailed email analysis tailored to
    your business
  • Define email strategy (the bigger picture)
  • Resolve issues identified
    (tactical game-plan)

What's included in the Email Audit?

Finally, we'll make sure you have a properly functioning email marketing flywheel:
  • 1. Attract:
    Incentive to get new subscribers
  • 2. Onboard:
    Introduce brand/company
  • 3. Engage:
    Add value and build trust
  • 4. Delight:
    Think long-term and don’t oversell (avoid list fatigue and/or churn)
  • 5. Retention:
    Maintain interest and engagement
  • 6. Convert:

Okay, here's a quick recap of what's included:

Step 1

Email infrastructure

A complete audit of your current email ecosphere and architecture

Step 2

Understanding the business (and email goals)

Review your business model and industry, and how to use email to reach your goals.

Step 3

IP and domain reputation

Setup an ongoing maintenance plan to proactively manage and maintain optimum deliverability

Step 4

List Analysis and data quality​

Review your current acquisition sources and risk levels (to identify good vs. poor performers)

Step 5

Competitor Analysis

Compare competitors email programs and strategies against yours

Step 6

Email Anatomy​

How to create emails that get people to open,, click and convert.

Step 7

7. Automated emails and workflows

Setup automated journeys for your onboarding, transactional and behavioral triggered emails.

Step 8

8. Email Analytics and KPI's

Define and set up the relevant KPI’s to monitor email deliverability and meet critical business milestones

Step 9

9. Email Service Provider (ESP)

The final step is to audit your email service provider and if it's the right fit for your business.