Email Deliverability Consulting

Are your emails underperforming?

Email Deliverability:
Transform Your Email Strategy

Email Deliverability is an Art!

A delicate blend of all 5 key factors listed below:

1. Subscriber expectations (and engagement)
2. Technical infrastructure setup (and email authentication) 
3. Best practices & legislation
4. ISP’s requirements & sending reputation
5. Business goals

Sure, I can help you set up your technicals RDNS, DKIM, SPF, DMARC, etc., but what’s more important, in the modern-day inbox, is “Engagement” and sending emails that your audience really wants to receive.

I will not only audit and review your email technical setup and infrastructure, but also offer pinpoint suggestions on how to improve your email architecture and “Engage” your audience to improve email deliverability.

Using an up-to-date fresh approach, your emails will be customized to drive the highest level of engagement and increase the sending reputation for your brand.

Email deliverability rests on 2 pillars, namely “Technical Infrastructure” and “Engagement”.

Currently, there are various resources and information you can gather from the web on your email technical setup & infrastructure (1st pillar), but what’s the point if your overall email architecture is flawed and your emails lack “Engagement” (2nd pillar)?

I start at the infrastructure level and work all the way down to the content plus strategy, setting up the correct KPI’s, list management, segmentation & cohorts, sending habits, email best practices, etc. 

Are you currently struggling with Email Deliverability? 

If you find your emails consistently missing the inbox or if your open rates have plummeted without a clear reason, it’s time for a change.

Here’s my process:

  1. Comprehensive Deliverability Audit: My specialty lies in conducting an in-depth audit and diving deep into the intricacies of your email program to uncover the root causes of your email challenges and setup. 

  2. Regain Inbox Placement: I will focus on strategies to ensure your emails reach their intended destination – the recipient’s inbox.

  3. Pinpoint Email Performance Issues and Boost Open Rates: By identifying and addressing underlying technical or deliverability issues, we help improve email performance and your open & click rates.

  4. In-Depth Analysis: I meticulously examine your email marketing setup, sender reputation and history, and how email is used in your business.

  5. Ongoing Monitoring: Email is dynamic, and I’ll set up the ideal email dashboard (with KPIs) and routine process to maintain email health and performance over time.

Common Email Challenges I will Solve:

  • Emails landing in the spam folder
  • Low open and click rates affecting ROI and conversions
  • Specific provider inboxing issues
  • Strategy and support for warming up new sending domains and/or IPs
  • Blacklist mitigation
  • Identifying and resolving unclear deliverability issues


Ready to Revolutionize Your Email Strategy?

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Subscriber Journey and Optimizing Your Email Marketing Program

Apply the latest techniques of email marketing to improve your opens, clicks, and, most importantly, ROI for your email campaigns.

Pillars of an ideal email strategy:

  • New Subscriber Onboarding 
  • Audience Management
    • Segmentation (and the movement between segments)
    • Improved targeting
    • How to set up and use Customer  Data in your email marketing
  • Nurture & Retention Stages
    • Automation – Drip Series and Triggered Emails
  • Re-Engagement Strategy


Learn to talk “to” your customers, and not “at” them!

It all starts with the promise of a perfectly created email, targeted with the right content, to the right person and sent at the right time.

Re-imagine your email marketing plan in ways that cultivate more fulfilling and long-lasting relationships with your customers.

3. List Growth

Grow your email list and increase signups by testing lead sources and which ones drive the most revenue and ROI, as well as optimizing signups from your existing traffic.

I’ll be your direct point of contact, one-on-one, not some account manager or assistant.

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