Segmentation: The Real Talk On Improving Email Deliverability

In a world of ever-improving modules for competitive email marketing, gone are the days of a “One-Size-Fits-All” approach to email campaigns. No longer can marketers longing for a competitive edge compete with other real players employing a time-warped single email campaign approach without taking heed of targeted audiences. Improved email marketing results are intentionally crafted […]

Customer Engagement as the #1 Challenge for an Email Marketer

Nowadays, it’s no secret that those that can engage their audience will reap the highest rewards. We hear over and over again that our emails need to be personal, relevant, interesting, value-adding, yada yada… Is it easy to execute such plan? Well, not really!! Building a high quality email program can be really hard. But […]

EMAIL DELIVERABILITY CHECKLIST: What Every Email Marketer Should Routinely Examine

Whether it’s financial, fitness, business or nutrition, all of us seek to establish routines robust with goals, checklists and reminders to motivate us daily to keep us on track and focused on the task at hand. I’ve created this post specifically for email marketers as an EMAIL DELIVERABILITY CHECKLIST that every online marketer should routinely […]

The Optimum Email Sending Frequency

As a marketer, you want to stay top of the mind of your customers, but how do you do this without pissing them off and overwhelming them with your emails? How do you send the “perfect” number of emails per week, per month, etc.? I personally don’t believe that there are set rules for this, […]

Metrics Every Email Marketer Should Check Regularly

The big question I always hear from email marketers is how to analyze their emails and programs from day to day, week to week, or month to month and what metrics should they pay attention to and monitor routinely? Here are a few metrics that you can’t afford to ignore: Click To Open Rate (COTR) – […]