You want people to engage with your emails as often as possible.

But it’s a well-known fact of email marketing that some of your subscribers, over time, will get in the habit of ignoring your emails.

It’s not necessarily because they don’t like your emails.

It might be because they’re in a busy season of their lives, or because they don’t need your product or service yet, or because your subject lines aren’t catching their attention, or because you’re having email deliverability problems.

Your job is to build an email marketing system that anticipates and re-engages those dormant subscribers at as high a rate as possible. 

How do you do that?

NOTE: If you have a ton of dormant subscribers because of a poor sending reputation and email deliverability issues, you’ll need to tackle that first, before any re-engagement campaign is launched.

First step is to Define a “Dormant Subscriber” and what the main reason is that they’re dormant.

Ask yourself at what point it’s safe to assume that someone has disengaged from your emails?

Maybe “dormant” means the person hasn’t opened an email for 6 months, maybe it means they haven’t clicked-through on an email for 3 months, or maybe it means they haven’t purchased in over a year. 

Your answer to this question will be unique and specific to the type of business that you’re building. 

To learn more about how you can re-engage dormant subscribers, check out the detailed article we published over at Email Mastery — Your Inactive Subscriber Plan: How To Re-Engage Dormant Subscribers and the four steps for creating a system that reengages dormant subscribers.