What is Message-Audience Fit?

Startup founders talk a lot about product-market fit.  They ask themselves, “Does the product fit the market? That is, is this product what the market wants right now?” And this concept applies to a lot of different disciplines and industries — there’s doctor-patient fit, teacher-student fit, and even coach-athlete fit.  Well, I believe this concept […]

What is Email Deliverability? How To Get More Eyes On Your Emails

Email deliverability is often overlooked. Most novice email marketers spend a lot of time optimizing their subject lines and their preheaders and their CTAs without even considering the deliverability of their emails. That can be a mistake.  As we’ll explain in this guide, deliverability is a fundamental part of email marketing success. You must understand […]

The key difference between strategies vs. tactics

Sun Tzu once famously said, “Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” What did he mean? Two things… First, having a high-level strategy without knowing the exact how-to for accomplishing that strategy might lead to victory, but it will be slow and painful. Most of […]

The Open Rate Obsession

Over time, I’ve heard many clients mention open rates (and increasing them) many many times as their primary goal. Thus I decided to write this post…  Whether you’re a founder, CEO, CMO, email marketer, etc. – stop obsessing over your open rates. Why? Because all that we have to measure an email open is a […]

The Importance of Email (a recession-proof marketing channel)

The Ownership Of Your Traffic is More Important Than Ever! Just like during other economic downturns (and recessions), business is becoming uncertain.  Internal processes are getting jumbled as remote work becomes the new standard, marketers are trying to be frugal with their advertising budgets, and consumers are spending less money.  There’s never been a more […]